Jeebropilly Mine partnered with G3 Engineering to develop the Temporary Bin Access System

30 Jun 2018 | Design, Fabricate

The Temporary Bin Access System allows maintainers access to the coal bins during scheduled maintenance periods via a system of caged platforms and ladders. Previously, access to the bins involved mancages lowered by cranes.

The Temporary Bin Access System eliminates the heights issues associated with workers being suspended from cranes and makes access to the bins far more efficient. According to Preparation Plant Superintendent Ty Cochrane, “the new system has also driven efficiency improvements by reducing our reliance on cranes. It means we spend more time completing our actual maintenance activities, and less time ferrying workers in and out of the coal bins with cranes”.

G3 Engineering has performed maintenance activities at New Hope’s Jeebropilly Mine for the past 10 years and is excited to be involved in the development of innovative solutions delivering significant improvements to the mine’s processing plant.

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