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Can you do site measure-ups for custom components?

Yes. We are able to travel to any site to perform measure-ups. Previously we have flown throughout Qld and interstate and have the required tickets/medicals for mine site access if required. Depending on the complexity of the job, site measure-ups generally include 3D scanning.

Can G3 certify items to be manufactured, or pre-existing items?

Yes, we are able to design, draft and certify to your requirements both new and existing or refurbished items. 

What sort of material can you manufacture from?

All grades of ferrous and non-ferrous metals including carbon steel, bisalloy, stainless steel and aluminium.

We have in excess if 50 weld procedures in all different grades and weld joint types and are also able to tailor a weld procedure to your specific welding requirements.

What is your capacity for machining?

We are able to machine up to 3m long and 700mm diameter. Milling bed capacity of 1100mm x 400mm.

Are you able to provide labour for our site project?

Yes. We have a thorough understanding of all industry regulations with particular regard for quality, safety and environmental requirements and possess systems compliant with ISO9001, AS4801 & ISO14001. We offer support resources all the way through to full service mechanical crews with supervision, plant and equipment.

Some of our ongoing projects include washplant maintenance, shut downs & down days, gas well & compressor station upgrades and maintenance, maintenance to mobile and fixed plant including heavy equipment such as draglines, drills and maintenance on a sand mine plant.

G3 currently does washplant maintenance at New Hope’s Jeebropilly & Acland Mines and Downer’s Meandu Mine and have done for the past 9 years. Previously we have also done maintenance at Wilkie Creek. Another major project G3 has been involved in is Anglo American’s Grosvenor Mine, where G3 worked closely with Redpath Mining and Anglo to assemble/disassemble two Tunnel Boring Machines under extremely tight timeframes. G3 has the ability to provide substitute labour through to full service crews with equipment and supervision to schedule and manage portions of work.

The following is a basic outline of services supplied to our current client’s on-site needs:


  • Designers & 3D Draftsman
  • Fabricators & Boilermakers
  • Diesel Fitters
  • Fitter Machinists
  • Riggers/Dogmen
  • Crane drivers
  • Mechanical Engineers

Plant & Equipment:

  • Multiple on-site diesel welding rigs
  • Breakdown fitter vehicles
  • Service vehicles
  • Rigging gear
  • Portable pressing gear
  • Weld procedures & qualifications
What are your opening hours?

Workshop opening hours are generally 6am-6pm Mon-Fri.

Site rostered labour hire is available 24/7.

For after-hours service please contact Ben on 0439 636 537.

Can you do 3D scanning on-site?

Yes, we regularly 3D scan items on site for modelling. 3D modelling allows newly designed components to be precisely simulated onto drawings for design and safety approval.

Do you freight fabricated items interstate?

Yes, items that we fabricate are frequently freighted Australia-wide.

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